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    Our mission is to provide you with quality sound reinforcement services.


    We have been providing sound reinforcement services since the late 80's to local musicians in the Providence, Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts areas.  We do this because we enjoy doing it, and it is a true hobby of ours.  We are not a large scale sound production company, our goal is to provide your band / event with professional sound reinforcement services at a very reasonable price.

    This hobby grew as a result of growing up in a musical family.  Having family members that played in local bands throughout the years resulted in the need to have your own P.A. system.

    However, bands break up but the P.A. system remains, which resulted in requests from former band mates and friends to provide them with sound services.  During the 90's we had a fixed sound and lighting installation at a local area club for a number of years.

    Whether you need a full sound system rental or just need a soundman to run the club's equipment, we can provide you excellent service at a very fair price.

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